Monday, April 14, 2008

Ethical lapses distract U.S. workers

It seems to me that ethical lapses are a huge problem that many people do not know about. This became evident after reading the opening paragraph which included several shocking statistics. I believe that these lapses need to be of a higher concern since they friction, dissonance, and distractions at the work place. The article states that Americans are split in their decision to deal with these distractions, whether by themselves or through their manager. If I was in a situation with such distraction, I would really hope that it would not impact my daily work. This is why I would contact my manager as a solution immediately. I also feel that the survey conducted is a great way to try and target the root of the solution.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Web writing vs. Paper writing

Two major ways that people express themselves are writing on the web and writing on paper. I believe that these two forms of writing are similar in the fact that people still have to state their feelings and opinions no matter where you physically write them. I think they are different in the fact that writing on the web can be quicker and easier than writing on paper because of the ease of several tools such as spell check and the backspace key. When transfering a document formally read on paper to the web, you must consider the format and style of the paper because articles will appear different when presented on the web.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Carolina Cup

Since this week is a free write, I will talk about the 2008 Carolina Cup. This horse race tailgate frenzy took place Saturday in Camdon, SC. It was a very long day which began at 5:30 for me. I made my date and me chocolate chip pancakes and mimosa's for breakfast. We then drove several hours and had the best time ever. I wore a bow-tie for this event and it looked fantastic. Overall it was a fantastic day but I believe it was not worth the amount of money I spent. Maybe if the weather wasn't so poor it would have been more worth while.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My favorite presentation

Hands down my favorite presentation was done by Lindsey Carney. I love hard boiled eggs but always seem to screw them up. Now that I have the perfect recepie, I will never waste any more eggs. I feel another thing that I should discuss in my blog for this week is how well our group bonded at our group meeting on Saturday. We met at Lindsey's apartment and finished our required work. Soon upon completion, we thought that it would be a fantastic idea to extend our meeting several hours. Since we finished our work we decided that the only other activity that we should partake in is beer pong. Lindsey, her roomate, Michael and myself battled it our for several hours. Lindsey was my partner and Michael was with Anita. I believe we played 5 games, and I only won one of them. Overall I would say that I shouldn't get credit for these losses because my partner sucked. Lindsey I love you but your form needs a lot of work. Thank you for reading my blog and I can't wait until our weekly meeting next week.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mock Interview

Last Friday I conducted my mock inerview. After finally finding the correct room in Tillman, I became very excited about the job at task. The questions that Angie asked were pretty basic and I feel that I did a fairly good job in answering them. The toughest part of my interview was the fact that I already got the job several days prior to this mock interview. Overall it was a fun assignment and I feel better prepared for future interviews.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Free Write

Since this weeks blog topic is a free write, I decided to discuss what I did this weekend. This friday I went downtown to watch my friend's band play at a bar. It was a lot of fun; the crowd was awesome and the music was even better. Saturday was a long day as we tailgated from noon until 6 PM. We played, we drank, we ate, and it was a blast. Saturday night was pretty low key because my friends and I were very tired from tailgating all day. Due to this, we watched American Ganster on my new TV. On Sunday I slept until noon, went to Peppino's for lunch, and then did a major cleaning of my room. I live in a Fraternity house and somehow it gets very dirty, very often. Overall it was a great weekend and I had a lot of fun.

Free Write